Q: What is special about IQ Sports Advantage Basketball Clinics?

A: The clinics utilize training and coaching techniques developed for professional and college-level teams. In short, the kids who attend our clinics learn more and become better players.


Q: Are these overnight clinics?

A: All of our clinics take place during the day only. In all cases, you will need to make arrangements to drop off and pick up your child each day.


Q: Will each student get individual time with the coaches?

A: YES!! This is one of the aspects that separates IQ Sports Advantage Basketball Clinics from other sports clinics, our highly-skilled counselors they able to make an impact with their individual attention to students.


Q: What is the benefit in returning to clinic again and again?

A: Students benefit greatly from additional sessions of IQ Sports Advantage Basketball Clinics. On each return trip to clinic, students work on mastering the lessons from previous sessions. This strengthens the “muscle memory” started in the initial clinic. Additionally, as students’ progress, they learn higher level skills. Many of our clients have attended 4 or more sessions.


Q: Does IQ Sports Advantage Basketball Clinics utilize the same drills at every clinic?

A: Yes. The fundamental drills remain the same for all skill levels. As players progress in abilities, they are given higher level drills and ball-handling moves to practice and work on.


Q: Can my child miss a day or half-day during a clinic? Will this put them behind?

A: It is not uncommon for kids to occasionally miss a day or have to leave early or arrive late on some days due to various reasons. We realize that family schedules require flexibility. If they miss instruction for a new drill or ball-handling move, we will ensure they get time with a clinic counselor to bring them back up to speed.


Q: My child is only 8 years old. Will this clinic be too intense or hard for them?

A: We have special counselors trained to work with this young age group. We do not push them as hard as the older age groups. Some kids will move up with the older kids; most will stay at their age level. There are very few children who cannot meet the rigors of practice, or who do not have the stamina or physical abilities required.


Q: My child is in high school. Is he/she too old for this clinic?

A: We have many high school kids who attend our clinics. Most of the drills and teaching techniques used at IQ Sports Advantage Basketball Clinics are the same techniques used at the college level. The clinics are great preparation for college-level competition.


Q: Will my child be safe at IQ Sports Advantage Basketball Clinics?

A: Safety is our number one priority. IQ Sports Advantage Basketball Clinics upholds very strict rules.